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Thursday, April 12, 2018   /   by Alexander Haigh

You Must Have Professional Photography When Selling Your Home

According to the National Association of Realtors, 95% of people search for homes online before they look anywhere else. When they look online, they’ll be searching by price, bedroom, and bathroom. A certain set of listings come up from that search and that’s where they’ll pick from.

Another recent finding by the NAR says that buyers stay on listings with extra photographs longer. That gives your listing “stickiness”, which is great. The more “stickiness” you have, the more likely the buyer is to want to see the home in person. That’s why professional photography is so important.

In addition to regular indoor and outdoor photographs, we can provide drone photography and videography. It gives the consumer a better idea of how the property lays out in the neighborhood. It gives them that visceral, tactile feel you can only get with a view like this.

Another tool we use to increase “stickiness” for our listings is ou ...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018   /   by Alexander Haigh

What Do the Past Year-Over-Year Numbers Say About Our Current Market?

To get an idea of where our tri-county market is headed in 2018, we’re going to examine the year-over-year change of five statistical criteria from December 2016 to December 2017.

We’ll start with closed sales for single-family homes. In Martin County, the number of closed sales decreased 7.2% from 195 sales to 181. In St. Lucie County, they rose 3.3% from 478 to 494. In Palm Beach County, they decreased 1.8% from 1,413 to 1,387.

Next up are single-family homes that were paid for in cash. In Martin County, this number decreased 21.8% from 78 sales to 61 sales. In St. Lucie County, the number of all-cash sales dropped 29.9% from 154 to 108. In Palm Beach County, all-cash sales decreased 6.5% from 505 to 472.

Now, let’s move on to the average sale price. In Martin County, this number dropped 0.6% from $446,396 to $443,576. In St. Lucie County, it rose 4.9% from $210,367 to $220,682. In Palm Beach County, it rose 20% from $423,485 to $508,253.

A ...

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